Final downgrade sr 2000 HD hyper

downgrade starsat hd 2000 hyper from 1.84 (1.09) or 1.83 or 1.81 to 1.71 with usb only



All errors on 2000 hd hyper… like 114 and 115 ,,,
now you can DownGrade Starsat 2000 HD Hyper form Any Version via SUB and then install any your favrt software in your STB..

1st Download file (Final downgrade sr 2000 HD hyper) then install it on your stb via sub will be install without any error.. after it you can install any of software in your stb ,, like tiger ,starmax ,qmax,zbox .here are many clones on net…

2nd If you want change again your stb software then do same method



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  • Uploaded: 2019-02-28 12:27:09
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Final downgrade sr 2000 HD hyper
Download USB

STARSAT 2000 receiver yesterday i buy sir but cant showing option IPTV & SERVER YOUTUBE & G-NET UPDATE and what can i do and update software and showing option iptv and server and G-NET UPDATE (MY RECEIVER SOFTWARE 1.86V) TELL ABOUT





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