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Orbit Showtime Network (OSN, stylized as “osn  is a Dubai-Tv Cabele based direct-broadcast satellite tv provider serving the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). It offers popular entertainment content such as movies, sporting events and various TV shows from major networks and studios such as Warner Bros., Paramount, HBO, Fox, Disney, Sony, MGM, Universal, ESPN and DreamWorks in addition to local versions specifically for the MENA region. As of 2019 OSN offers 154 television channels and 53 high-definition channels and 3D entertainment. OSN was formed as a result of merger of two of the Mideast’s largest TV networks, Orbit and Showtime Arabia in 2009. 2 Feet dish Full Signel Satellite Digitel Recvier

Nat Geo Wild, OSN Sport 4, Sony International Televsion, Life OK, OSN Sports Cricket SD, Animal Planet, UTV Bindass/UTV Stars, ZEE Cinema, GEO TV, Colors TV, UTV Movies, Aaj Tak,Gemini TV, Kairali, Ndtv, Star Gold, HUM TV,Sky News, Times Now, Nat Geo Adventure.

Satellite : Nilesat @7°W
Frequency :11804 H 27500

Tv Channels : Life OK
CW: 549D 1F10 3A8C 2EF4 549D 1F10 3A8C 2EF4

Tv Channels : UTV Movies
CW: D3BA 27B4 8496 243E D3BA 27B4 8496 243E

Tv Channels : Nat Geo Wild
CW: 25ED 5668 4DD1 E402 25ED 5668 4DD1 E402

Tv Channels : OSN Sport 4
CW: D6AB 47C8 97D8 9F0E D6AB 47C8 97D8 9F0E

Tv Channels : VINT
CW: A383 F81E 4341 3FC3 A383 F81E 4341 3FC3

Tv Channels : Sony International Televsion
CW: 1FB4 9B6E C52E 4033 1FB4 9B6E C52E 4033

Tv Channels : OSN Sports Cricket SD
CW: E213 796E 09BD 15DB E213 796E 09BD 15DB

Tv Channels : Animal Planet
CW: F45C 7FCF FB32 5986 F45C 7FCF FB32 5986

Tv Channels : UTV Bindass/UTV Stars
CW: 5CF6 3F91 2673 912A 5CF6 3F91 2673 912A

Tv Channels : Nat Geo Adventure

Tv Channels : Times Now
CW: 27F1 AAC2 3D3F 40BC 27F1 AAC2 3D3F 40BC

Tv Channels : Sky News
CW: 3465 5BF4 02AC 25D3 3465 5BF4 02AC 25D3

Tv Channels : HUM TV
CW: 9CA2 86C4 48F4 78B4 9CA2 86C4 48F4 78B4

Tv Channels : Star World
CW: 00E0 6949 EF59 529A 00E0 6949 EF59 529A

Tv Channels : Star Movies
CW: A4D6 9913 98B0 AAF2 A4D6 9913 98B0 AAF2

JTv Channels : AYA
CW: D88B 1376 C281 387B D88B 1376 C281 387B

Tv Channels : Kairali
CW: C667 6794 B0E9 21BA C667 6794 B0E9 21BA

Tv Channels : Gemini TV
CW: 9894 DE0A 7A0E 9921 9894 DE0A 7A0E 9921

Tv Channels : Aaj Tak
CW: 1453 62C9 0583 5FE7 1453 62C9 0583 5FE7

Tv Channels : Colors TV
CW: 8AE7 9C0D 0DC6 572A 8AE7 9C0D 0DC6 572A

Tv Channels : GEO TV
CW: 4F00 6CBB 25D1 1C12 4F00 6CBB 25D1 1C12

Tv Channels : Baby TV
CW: 858B 5262 3A4A 0E92 858B 5262 3A4A 0E92

Tv Channels : National Geographic UK
CW: 6238 FC96 4640 BD43 6238 FC96 4640 BD43

Tv Channels : Ztv
CW: 1EA4 6325 7408 8400 1EA4 6325 7408 8400

Tv Channels : Surya TV
CW: 1BE6 898A 12A7 C079 1BE6 898A 12A7 C079

Tv Channels : Star Jalsha
CW: 19BF 1EF6 7E83 E4E5 19BF 1EF6 7E83 E4E5

Tv Channels : Star Gold
CW: 964F C3A8 BEE2 F898 964F C3A8 BEE2 F898

Tv Channels : Ndtv
CW: 70F1 3495 D64e 7Fa3 70F1 3495 D64e 7Fa3

Tv Channels : Kairali
CW: C667 6794 B0E9 21BA C667 6794 B0E9 21BA

Channel Name : ZEE Cinema
Frequency     :11881 H 27500
Satellite    :  Nilesat 7W

Tv Channels : ZEE Cinema
CW: B483 467D 3023 CC1F B483 467D 3023 CC1F


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